I probably blog about Spanish food too much, but it’s difficult not to; Spanish food can be hard to beat. At the Foodies Festival on Sunday we jumped at the chance of trying Boqueria’s offering. With so much food to try in the vicinity, we limited ourselves to sampling the paella and chorizo for a taste of what Boqueria had to give.

The paella was delicious: full of flavour and packed with seafood and chicken. No scrimping here. We tried the dish for a mere £5, and can now say with confidence that I would have no qualms about paying far more for paella during a visit to Boqueria’s Brixton eatery.

A special mention has to go to their chorizo. Mi madre, Sally (who joined me at Foodies), and I have eaten a fair amount of Spanish food in our time. I have a particular fondness for a bit of chorizo. Sal and I were in agreement that it was probably the best chorizo we’d ever had; so very flavoursome and succulent.

I feel like an idiot for not trying more now, but that’s the essence of a food festival: sample as much as possible, try not to reach the point where you’re so uncomfortable from gorging you feel like it’s Christmas Day, and make a note of which suppliers and restaurants to revisit. This was a discovery that didn’t need to be written down – a mental note was enough. I won’t be forgetting about Boqueria anytime soon.

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