The Ice Cream Union at Recipease

One of my new favourite places is Jamie Oliver’s Recipease in Notting Hill. A long time fan of Jamie’s cooking and how simple he makes it to replicate (admittedly not quite to his standard but absolutely edible enough to serve to dinner party guests), I was thrilled by the recent opening of the Notting Hill addition to his venture – ideal for me to pop into on the way home from work. Which is, in itself, not ideal as it equals distraction.

Recipease offers an array of brilliant ready to cook meals to grab on the way home, a delicious sounding breakfast and lunch menu that I’m dying to try and best of all, cooking classes ranging from Vietnamese street food to making your own pasta.

As I write this I am sipping on an excellent glass of Tinpot Hut Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc watching the ever attractive population of Notting Hill mill around below me. My only complaint is that there are no small dishes to buy whilst enjoying your evening drink; and whilst you are welcome to munch on anything you’ve purchased downstairs, it would be lovely to have some tapas or antipasti on offer – though maybe (and hopefully) this is something that will come in time. Perhaps some gingerbread or mince pies come Christmas?

I digress, but it’s hard not to at Recipease. Tonight, The Ice Cream Union are sampling their ice cream and sorbet flavours for all to try. The Bermondsey based company supplies to over 500 restaurants, yet outrageously most of these pull these delicious desserts off as their own. I can almost understand why as I sample the Argentine Dulce de Leche with Valrhona chocolate. It’s sublime and would be perfect with a chocolate tart. I in fact try pretty much every flavour on offer from the generous people of The Ice Cream Union, even slyly asking if they have any Root Ginger flavour, such is my obsession with all things ginger (they do, and it is great). The Chocolate is more bitter and richer than most, instantly more sophisticated. The sorbets aren’t too sharp, and the passionfruit one reminds me of one of my martini staples at Dirty Martini happy hour. Trust me, that’s never bad.

This is seriously good ice cream, and although there is a lot of it about, I am convinced this is the go-to for dinner parties in particular. Then I’m told that my stand out sample (the Argentine Dulce de Leche with Valrhona chocolate flakes) has only 6.5% fat. I don’t know what this means in the ice cream world, so I ask. Haagen Dazs has something like 28% fat in the same flavour in comparison. I’m SO sold. I hope they do big tubs.

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