Galeta’s Glorious Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies from Galeta at New Street Square food market.

I almost didn’t buy one of these. I’d already picked up one of those Portuguese custard tarts (or Pastel de nata for those in the know, unlike me) and accidentally found myself with an oat and raisin cookie that was roughly three times the size of my palm (although to be fair, I do have tiny hands; something one may think cute but really it just prevents me grabbing more popcorn from my neighbour’s tub at the cinema).

“Oohhh oat and raisin”, she gushes, merely commenting and exercising inner – and increasingly, outer – fatty.

Next thing I know it’s in a brown paper bag and I cannot protest. And really, why would I? It’s just not lunchtime if you don’t buy multiple sweet treats for the 3.30pm office lull.

Galeta, the stall with the salesman with an eye for weakness, had cut up samples of their chocolate brownies for passing office workers to try. It was a simple but effective plan: lure them in with promises of samples and an array of perfect looking treats; stacks of cookies, custard tarts, slabs of cake – and they shall buy.

I fought with my conscious for a few minutes over whether I should get the brownie too. Would it be too much? Would I be able to deal with the guilt? Would I be JUDGED?

Sod it. The New Street Square food market happens roughly once every three months, it would be foolish not to take the opportunity and run with it into the hills that deeply resemble my sofa and trees that look oddly like large glasses of red wine. Besides, in three months I can convincingly change my appearance to avoid the embarrassment of The Judgement. By then I’ll have probably Food Porned my way into a new and significantly larger wardrobe anyway.

I handed over an extra £2 (this debauchery didn’t even take place in the same transaction as tart and cookie, such was the skill of the salesman reeling me back in) and didn’t look back. At around 11pm last night the inevitable happened. I gave into the brownie. It was one of the best brownies I’ve ever had; a certain crispness to the top, fudgy and dense in the middle with a rich flavour melting on my tongue.

What’s that about only regretting the things you haven’t done? Exactly. Grab a Galeta brownie at a market near you today. Hell, pick up more than one. Live in fear of judgement but in the company of Food Porn.