Tava Wava

Anyone who follows me on Twitter may be aware how often I bitch and moan about not working/living/socialising near Kings Cross, home to Eat Street/Kerb (the former recently replaced by the latter).

With not enough holiday days or cash lying around to jet off somewhere, I have a random few days of holiday left to use on home soil. Honest to God, my first thought was to take the day off and finally check out Eat Street. And so after a perfect morning of a lie in, leisurely making myself look socially acceptable, flirting with the guys at the new local coffee shop and with the sun shining, I grabbed my fellow blogger and friend, Hannah (@HannahGLodge) and off we skipped to Eat Street. I was in such a good mood I was wearing heels OUT OF CHOICE.

Not that you’ll care all that much, but Hannah and I met in Indonesia whilst backpacking, and our love of good coffee and a decent cocktail has transferred well from Bali to London. As backpackers with a soft spot for South East Asia and – in particular – its’ street food, Eat Street was the perfect rendezvous.

Enter Tava Wava, Indian street food produced by two Aussie guys (hoping and praying as I write this that I’ve not been home too long to tell the difference between the Aussie and Kiwi accent, else it doesn’t matter what good things I say about their food). Tava Wava were serving up a meat and veggie wraps, the former being coriander chicken tikka, the latter – beetroot, paneer and coconut Dahl. We’d already eaten at other Eat Street vendors and could just about manage one more indulgence; how to choose?

Well, Han being far ballsier and open about being a blogger than I am, casually drops into conversation her ‘slashie’ occupation of charity worker/PR/blogger to the guys. They offer to mix us up a bowl of the two meals on offer rather than choosing one wrap. And thank God they did because they were both SO good. I love dahl, but would never usually choose the mix of beetroot, paneer and coconut as they are all ingredients I feel a bit ‘meh’ about. How wrong I was. The food was of fantastic quality, cooked right in front of us and it was healthy. Tava Wava ensure their food is organic, fair trade and free-range; what’s not to love? Above all, it was exciting, different and served with a smile.

Tava Wava so far only bring joy to Londoners in the form their artisan Indian wraps on Fridays through Sundays as they are currently also ‘slashies’ with other jobs. Follow them on twitter for the latest (@TavaWava), though they can be found most Fridays at Kerb, the new Eat Street.

And if all of that hasn’t convinced you to sought the Tava Wava guys out, they also happen to be easy on the eye. That should do the trick.